Is It Legal To Carry Bowie Knives In Public

Considering the leniency of America’s weapons laws, it might seem like a no-brainer that you can carry that new Bowie knife out in public. However, before you head out the door, you should stop and check your state’s laws governing knife carrying in public. While Bowie knives might not be mentioned specifically, you’ll find that there are rules governing blade length and method of carry for all knives and some knives are excluded almost universally. You’ll find that quite a few states take a dim view of butterfly knives (balisongs), as well as switchblades and other automatic knives. Bowie knives are no exception to this rule.

As an example of the laws governing knife carry in the US, let’s look at the state of Colorado. This state allows pocketknives to be carried both openly and concealed, so long as they have a blade shorter than 3 and 1/2 inches in length. They also allow fixed blade knifes and dirks/daggers, so long as the blade is shorter than 3 and 1/2 inches. Of course, your Bowie knife is likely a bit longer than this, as the blade should be at least 6 inches long to qualify as a Bowie. Therefore, you cannot carry your Bowie knife in public within Colorado, whether concealed or in the open.

Another example of the great disparity between state laws concerning knives is Arizona, in this state, you can carry any type of knife openly, including Bowie knives and even automatic knives. However, they have to be worn outside of your clothing and sheathed, unless it is a small pocketknife.

Practical Planning Systems Introduces Estate Planning Software For Attorneys

(Middleton, ID)—Practical Planning Systems, a premier Idaho-based software developer, has announced a new release of their estate planning software. The software is aimed at helping estate planning attorneys improve their efficiency in drafting documents for their clients as well as giving them access to the resources they need to create the best possible plans for the families who use their services. More information about the software and its pricing are available at the Practical Planning Systems website.

Kim Mayberry, a representative of Practical Planning Systems, stated “While most estate planning attorneys love what they do, many of them would admit that their current document drafting process is too tedious. They often find that they’re having to go through too many questions that are irrelevant to their process and don’t have anything to do with a particular client’s life situation. Our software aims to remedy that problem, using our proprietary Practical Interview and Scenario Builder features to ensure that attorneys can draft documents in 10 questions or less. This, in turn, greatly improves their efficiency and streamlines the entire process for both the attorney and the client.”

In addition to allowing estate planning attorneys to draft straightforward documents with easily-comprehensible language using 10 questions or less, the Practical Planning estate planning system also gives attorneys access to a plethora of resources that make the planning process easier for their clients. These resources cover topics related to families with special circumstances (such as blended families, problem heirs, and couples with young children) as well as information about tax options and other financial issues.

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3 Tips on Finding a Good Immigration Attorney

If you’re hoping to reach bigger goals in terms of your career, or if you want to give your family a better life, you might consider leaving your own country to find a better life elsewhere. If you’re eligible for the move and there aren’t any factors that might cause you to be disqualified, there will be very little opposition and you will most likely be granted your visa. But if there are technicalities, potential hindrances, or disputes, you should be wise to tackle the situation with an efficient immigration attorney at your side. With a good immigration attorney, you can fight back any disputes and go through the entire process without a hitch. Not quite sure how to go about finding a good immigration attorney? This list of tips should lead you towards the right hire.

1. Bargains Aren’t Necessarily Good for You – If you use the rates and fees of a lawyer as the basis of whether or not you want to hire them, you’re in for probable denial of your application. If a lawyer charges you much less than the fees of others in their field, you should know that it’s most probably because they’re inexperienced and incompetent. As a general rule, you should hire a lawyer that maxes out your available budget, not someone who barely leaves a dent on your wallet. Lawyers who charge too low are too good to be true, so be careful.

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The Advantages of Getting a Foreclosure Attorney There are people out there who are having a hard time keeping up with their mortgage payments. The economy makes it even harder for us all. The sad thing is that many of these individuals or families are only a heartbeat away from losing their lovely homes. A lot of them are so behind on their payments. Stress levels are increased and there are times when they felt like everything is hopeless. Prayers are being said every single night and they are hoping that such crisis will end soon. They have been finding ways on how to solve such problems but they don’t know where to start. They have no clue where to go and who to contact. If you are one of these individuals, then it is important for you to know that doing a little research could go a long way. It is truly necessary to contact the best foreclosure attorney out there. The best foreclosure attorney should be able to help you protect your legal rights. There are individuals out there that faces large deficiency judgement from their lenders, and so hiring the best foreclosure attorney is necessary. Remember that foreclosure attorney exist to also help you in protecting your financial well-being as well as your credit rating. No doubt about it, these foreclosure attorneys are a valuable friend if you are trapped in this kind of situation. There are lenders out there that don’t inform people about their rights. Another sad thing is that these lenders or bankers are not willing to provide any available options or alternatives that could help you keep your home out of foreclosure. These lenders or bankers have no choice but to put you into a situation wherein there is nothing that you can do. A lot of families are being deprived of their rights. You must know that you indeed have a right and that there are other options in which you can keep your home. You must know that you can get everything you need from your lender if you hire the best foreclosure attorney. You need to think about some few things first before you hire a foreclosure attorney. When hiring a lawyer, it is important that you choose those who have the reputation, skills, knowledge, and experience. You should only hire those attorneys who are able to help you and your family strengthen your case. It’s hard when you are dealing with foreclosures since it takes a long time before it gets resolved.
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It is wise that you choose an attorney that could help you speed up the whole process. You can visit their websites and see for yourself whether or not their previous clients were very satisfied with the services they rendered.The Ultimate Guide to Professionals

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Ways to Hire a Professional in Criminal & DUI Law in Columbia SC Long prison sentences and hefty fines are just some of the consequences of criminal indictment. With the expertise of the best criminal lawyers on your side, it is possible to steer clear of such ramifications. The inherent challenges that criminal law presents mean that you cannot just pick any lawyer. An experienced lawyer is best-placed to handle the affairs of your case since he or she can forecast certain aspects of your case. Therefore, you need to hire a lawyer who has been in the field for at least 5 years because he or she can guide you on whether to take a plea or proceed to trial. Criminal law has several distinct areas of practice. For the best outcome, hire one who specifically handles the type of criminal case you are charged with. For example, a DUI attorney is best-placed to handle matters of drunk driving. The reputation of a lawyer is something you can find from various quarters. The internet, word of mouth, and past clients of a specific professional will all tell you what type of a person you are dealing with. For instance, the website of the lawyer will indicate the types of cases he or she handles, experience record, and numbers of awards received from fellow lawyers. Speaking to past customers will bring to light the character of the professional.
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A busy lawyer who has little time to pick your calls or communicate in other ways should be avoided. It is true that the best criminal lawyers are busy persons but that should not be a ground not to communicate with clients.
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Criminal defense costs vary with the type and difficulty of each case. Good lawyers, however, strive to understand numerous aspects of their clients before charging them for the legal services to be rendered. Be leery of persons whose legal fees seem too low since they may offer unsatisfactory services. A good lawyer is one who commands respect in the judicial circles. A lawyer who is respectable meets little opposition from the prosecution, influences greatly the decisions of judges, and inspires members of the jury to rule a certain way. If jury members, judges, other lawyers and other parties respect your lawyer, there are high chances of your case turning out favorable. A good lawyer knows how to keep matters discussed with clients private. Your lawyer should not be the type that goes around disclosing information to everyone, including persons with ill will against you.

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How to Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

When you are given a speeding ticket it is usually hard to contest such charges if you do not have a qualified attorney. Therefore, ensure that you search for the most suitable lawyer that you are sure will fight for you. Traffic attorneys assist you to answer questions that pertain to insurance, license as well as driving record.

Another benefit of working with a speeding ticket legal representative is that many insurance organizations have a habit of increasing the premium according to your violations. That is so since insurance organizations believe that such individuals are careless and hence they are likely to cause more accidents. While you might think that you can defend yourself, your negotiation skills might not be very good. Keep in mind the higher your points, the higher your chances of losing your license.

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Steps to Take When Involved in a Car Accident In the United States there are almost seven million car accidents that happen every year. These accidents mostly involve only damage property, that is the car itself, not the humans. The driver of the car or the passengers however are not always fortunate to get out of the accident safely. A report came out showing that in most car accidents, it is almost only the car that takes the damage and out of ten car accidents that happen two are mostly likely to bring about a fatal injury to the driver or passenger. If you survive a car accident, there are a lot of ways you can protect yourself from further injuries or damages. Read on to know what steps you should take when you get involved with a car accident. Number one – It is very important to get help after you get into an accident. Running and hiding from the accident is never a good idea so don’t even think of doing that. Some people try to hide that they have been in a accident and keep quiet about it. This is dangerous as minor injuries you might have can become a problem later. Seeking medical attention right after the accident would benefit you a lot as the medical team can detect if you have any serious injuries. Some accident injuries will only be apparent in a few hours so even if you do not feel or see anything, you should still have a medical check up. You should set up flares or maybe even keep your car blinkers on to warn others that there has been an accident there and that they should stay away from the scene to protect themselves. If you end up in a car crash at night, having a flashlight can help you find your way out of the mess and get to safety ground. If you don’t have a flashlight, you can use your cellphone’s light to keep you safe in the dark while you wait for help.
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Number three – One of the most important things to do right after an accident is get help. Don’t try to deal with the situation yourself because most of the time you are still in shock so call the police or anyone you know of and tell them what just happened. Call the police or medics even when there isn’t much damage or injuries seen. Moving your car is not a good idea unless it starts to cause traffic.
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Number four – Let your insurance company know about the accident as soon as you can get a hold of them. Police officers will want to know everything that happened immediately. Look into your insurances for the medical benefits you can apply for. Look for the medplay benefits as these are the ones that deal with your medical heath during an accident. Primarily to help pay your medical bills in an accident, choose to avail of the medplay benefit in your insurance.

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The Basic Principles of Getting A Divorce Lawyer For A Courtroom Case There are numerous factors regarding why you would need a divorce lawyer. When two individuals do decide to obtain a divorce, their feelings are flowing high. Everyone anticipates a romantic relationship to last, but unexpected events do happen. With both spouses offering a lot of energy into a relationship, divorce could be a very difficult concern to digest. Divorces do happen frequently and are turning into much more common than ever prior to. These attorneys are referred to as family law attorneys. Anyone in search of a divorce, should speak to one of those attorneys first. They have knowledge while in the legal subject of divorce and will show you along the method.
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By not having specialist legal illustration, some divorce clients could possibly be giving up certain legal rights and certain entitlements.
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By hiring a knowledgeable divorce attorney, the customer can be confident that they won’t end up being deceived or betrayed in almost any way. When you employ the service of a divorce lawyer, you may achieve an advocate and ally in the course of the entire means of divorce. A divorce attorney may also comprehend the legalities and options you might have had over the divorce. An attorney can recommend and represent the consumer that they have authorized rights to. A lawyer can take a moment with another area and mediate. Mediation will reduce court and legal expenses that are linked to divorce. If the two spouses sat down without a divorce lawyer, there would in no way become any agreements and fees for litigation soar throughout the roof. A local attorney can even be able to manually your case with the local laws. Using the services of a neighborhood lawyer will also present you with an advantageous, given that they will know or become familiar the regional court clerks, most judges and competitor attorneys. This can be excellent in knowing and predicting outcomes of the divorce case. When a pair decides that their relationship is unhealthy and wish out of the connection, the next step is always to file a divorce. In unusual occurrences, spouses that have worked out each and every issue concerning them and do not need any discrepancies, a divorce attorney just isn’t needed. These cases are incredibly rare, as arguments grow to be escalated and multiply major up to divorce. In any other situation, a divorce attorney could be highly advised throughout any divorce proceedings. A retainer fee is surely an up front cost to the client to acquire the service in the divorce attorney. Other fees may somewhat differ from in courtroom and out of court docket rates. Finding a reputable and dependable divorce lawyer is essential for a divorce. If you select not to hire a lawyer, make sure that you understand the authorized procedures completely. A divorce attorney that is local, trusting and knowledgeable is a great option for clients experiencing a divorce.